A record of the journey of a girl who sings tales――
The first collaborative album by Eureka Republic and Hagali (Euraia) is
a fantasy work that incorporates elements of various ethnic music and coined words.
Tales of The Wandering Bard
by Euraia (Eureka Republic×Hagali)
2023/04/30 Release
8 Tracks(6 song + 2 offvocal track, including short track)
Press CD / 4-page booklet
No lyrics listed, summary text in booklet
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Crossfade / Track list

01. The Beginning Night Tale (2:19)
02. Aoife, the princess (4:14)
03. Wedding in Lidnovo (4:01)
04. The Guardian and His Oasis (5:27)
05. Samhain Festival Night (4:08)
06. Seven Nights' Tales (6:32)
07. Aoife, the princess - instrumental
08. Seven Nights' Tales - instrumental
The instrumental version of this work can be used for cover. Only the cover version is available, The instrumental version of the work cannot be published as-is. The terms and conditions will be in accordance with Hagali's cover guidelines.

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2023/04/30 Release

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    Eureka Republic
    Vocal/Lyrics(02, 04, 05)
    Mix(03, 04, 06)
    Illustration / Design
    Music/Lyrics(03, 06)/Mix(01, 02, 05)
    Souka Aokaze
    Crossfade Video

    Bonus contents

    You can download the English version of the jacket by using the password included in the booklet(ID is "Euraia")
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    Our Information

    "Music with a view of the scene."
    Hagali is the name under which Rai composes. Using coined words, Create original fantasy music with elements of world music and classical music.
    YouTube / twitter / website / FANBOX
    A multi-talented artist based in Japan who sings, composes, writes lyrics, designs, and translates. She also releases fantasy music as a member of the doujin-music circle "hirunesque".
    YouTube / twitter / website

    Past Works

    ≪ Hagali(Including collaborative works) ≫

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