Hagall is looking for a staff member to work with us on the music.
This call is always, not for a specific work. I intend to keep it open until the end of this year.
I invite you as a guest, not one of the members.

Details of recruitment

1. vocalist

Folk or ethnic singers are welcome. Folk songs can be from any country.
Those who can handle even coined words for lyrics. I will give you a tentatively recorded song.

Please contact me with a brief profile and the URL where the sample (either folk, folk or fantasy songs) have been uploaded. Also YouTube url is OK.
*blocked from sending it as an attachment.
I would like to know what you will need price.

Those who have already worked with us on a CD in the past are not eligible. If you have applied for the open call past, you are eligible, but please send me another sample with it.

2. illustrator

Hagall writes a lot of fantasy and ethnic songs.
If you draw fantasy or ethnic Illustration, and you think it fit for Hagall’s songs, please contact me.

3. Performers

I’m looking for more opportunities to incorporate live music in the future.
If you can play an ethnic instrument, please contact me with the URL where a sample (of either ethnic, folk, or fantasy music) has been uploaded. Also YouTube url is OK.
*blocked from sending it as an attachment.
I would like to know what you will need price.

Future Flow

I will contact eligible applicants only when a song that I would like to request. There is no concept of acceptance or rejection.
I do not respond mail, message, tweet and DMs to inquiries regarding this page. Sorry, please understand.

Self Introduction

To those of you who have arrived directly at this page.
My name is Hagall and I am a doujin-ongaku musician 🙂
I often make ethnic music and fantasy music.

I write in English for people overseas, but I don’t speak English very well.
I use translation sites to communicate with them, so I apologize if my English is rude. By the way, I have never had any trouble.

I am not a commercial musician. I am looking for good friends who like my music and play music with me. I am looking forward to meeting new people.

I’m reposting this just in case, but please understand that we cannot respond to inquiries.
“Can I try?” “I’m a beginner…”. etc. are the same.
I do not give a pass/fail answer. I may contact you…This is that kind of casual recruitment.
If I receive many such inquiries, I will try to end the application process early. Thank you!

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Recruitment of guest staff

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Recruitment of guest staff

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